Mastrad steam cooker

Mastrad steam cookerMastrad steam cooker

So thefabulous guys fromEntrepo sent us the Mastrad steam cooker to play with. It was actually perfect timing as we received it just as we started having problems with our oven. The Mastrad steam cooker works brilliantly for microwave cooking, but can Mastrad steam cookeralso be used in the oven. What I really like about it, is that it’s not at all a flimsy, floppy type of product. It’s quite sturdy and the handles are rigid and makes it easy to pick the cooker up and move it around.

TheMastrad steam cooker cleans very easily. Even burnt sugar just falls right out when turned upside down. The designs of these cookers are also very modern and funky, which, if you’re like me, is great for using as part of serving gear.

Mastrad steam cookerI prepared a few dishes using the Entrepo Mastrad steam cooker and was pleasantly surprised by the great results. I made a large baked potato and it came out perfectly fluffy on the inside. You can also make an entire meal all in one go as demonstrated on their really catching product video. I prepared a dish similar to the Mastrad steam cookersalmon dish in the video and it was perfect. It works easily. It cooks fast and cleaning afterwards is no big deal at all.

I also prepared a velvety crme caramel and it was a real hit. I played around at first to see how the sugar will caramelise in the microwave. I let it go a little too far, so I simply let it cool and turned the caramel out into the bin. No mess and no fuss. The crme caramel was cooked in less than 20 minutes and it was so simple to prepare.

I think the Mastrad steam cooker will make a great addition to any cooking set. The available colours are vibrant, funky and fun and there’s also various shapes and sizes to choose from.


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Visit the Entrepo website at more information and contact details and while you’re on the site, watch a few of the great and informative product videos.



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